Redondo Special

Captain: Morgon Richards
Size: 65 x 25


The Redondo Special has enjoyed more than 50 years of providing a safe platform upon which to enjoy the pleasure of sport fishing in the Santa Monica Bay. Captain Morgon Richards, who has many years of experience as a licensed captain at the helm, will deliver an experience that none in the bay can equal. We are a hard working boat and crew who will stop at nothing to make sure that our customers are treated well and with the utmost in cordiality. Our amenities also include one of the finest galley's on the coast. Every boat and crew has its talents and the Redondo Special is in its element when chasing those animals that frequent Rocky Point...the ones that we all love! White Sea Bass, California Yellowtail, Halibut, California Sheephead...and all the bass and rockfish that you could want are a part of what a day on the water with the crew of the "Redondo Special" is about. Captain Morgon and crew all look forward to being of service to you, our friends, our clients, the angling public.

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